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Hey there listeners, it’s Brett Molina. Welcome back to Talking Tech. So having this option to stream TV shows and movies on any platform or whatever we want has mostly been great, very helpful. There are a couple of kind of sort of downsides though. Obviously there are a lot of streaming apps, which means there’s a lot of TV and movies out there, which means sometimes you might be paralyzed as to what to watch. But then the other thing is a lot of times, there might be favorite TV shows and movies we have that start out on one service then end up somewhere else. So for example, you might see a show that was on Netflix and it suddenly gets moved to Peacock. I thought of this immediately with The Office when that was on Netflix for years, and then NBC of course has the rights, brings it over to their own streaming service. Or maybe something’s on Hulu and it moves to Amazon Prime, but it’s kind of like this carousel of different programming that just kind of jumps to different platforms.

So of course you might have the urge to watch your favorite movie or TV show, and you’re thinking to yourself, “How exactly do I find it? Where is it? I thought it was here and now it’s not.” Fortunately, there are ways to get around that. I write about this in a story that you can read on tech.usa.today.com. I checked out a couple apps that essentially help you figure out where your favorite TV shows and movies are and you figure out where you can stream them.

I talk about four different apps, but I’m going to focus on one that was my favorite, I really enjoyed it. I’ll mention the others by name, just to give you examples. But the one that jumped out to me that I thought was a favorite was called Reelgood. R-E-E-L. It’s an app, you download it on your smartphone, and essentially what it does is it displays all of the available programming that’s on different streaming platforms. You’ll start out by plugging in all the services you subscribe to, and then once you do that, it’ll show you all the programming that’s available on all the services you have. They break it down in different categories, too. So you’ll see stuff like what’s popular, they had a category for academy award best picture winners. You can track movies and TV shows. There’s a watch next tab, which shows you all the stuff you want to watch.

If you find a TV show or a movie that you like, or you are searching for something, it’ll show you all the different services where it’s available. So not just it’s part of a streaming subscription, but also if you can buy it digitally. So for example, if there’s a favorite TV show you have it’ll maybe pull up Netflix and Hulu and whatever streaming services have this as part of their subscription. Or you’ll see all the different platforms like apple TV, iTunes, VUDU, other places where you can actually buy it digitally if you want to just do that or rent it as well. So what makes Reelgood, really good? The transition from finding a show to watching it on our TV feels wonderful. One of the options on the iPhone app, when I was testing this is you can pick, ‘watch on TV.’ And what it does is because the app on and your phone is on the same wifi network as say, your Roku, it’ll automatically recognize the Roku.

And so what I would do is if I found a TV show, I’d plug in the TV show, I’d hit ‘watch on TV,’ it would pull up my different streaming devices, I hit Roku ultra, and then it would just automatically start playing on my TV. It’s wonderful, it’s so great, and especially if you’re just suddenly in the urge to watch something. Like recently I’m a huge fan of Night Court, which is this big show on NBC in the eighties. And I was searching for it on the app and I discovered that it’s actually on Amazon Prime. So it was great, I just found it, saw it on prime, hit the button, and it took me right there and I started watching it. The app’s available on iPhone and Android. You can get it on other platforms too, like Amazon fire TV. It’s also on smart TVs as well, like LG and Android TV, but just super useful.

I just think it’s such a great tool, especially if you’re big on older TV shows and you’re trying to find them and you just have an urge to watch them, it’s probably the best way to do it. I tested out a couple other apps as well. There’s one called JustWatch, which works very similarly. I think the nice thing about JustWatch, all one word by the way, is it has a new section. So basically you can look at every new TV show and movie that’s popped up on a service that you’re subscribed to. So it’s really a great way to double check if there’s something brand new on Netflix, for example, or on another platform. It also has the play on TV option, which is really great. There are a couple other good ones, too, if you’re just looking to keep track of your favorite TV shows. Watchworthy is a really good one.

You plug in the services again, and then you can track TV shows. The only downside to it was it only does TV, so if you’re a big movie fan, you’re not going to be able to use this here. And then there’s TV Time, which again, very similar, you track your favorite TVs and movies, and then you can just figure out where to stream them, where to buy them or rent them, whatever you want to do. So again, these are all tools available to you. If you’re having a really hard time finding your favorite TV show, or you’re wondering why your favorite show is no longer on Netflix or Hulu, these are some great ways to help you navigate that whole landscape. You can read more about the apps I tried out and just some more tips on finding your favorite TV shows and movies online in my story on tech.USAtoday.com.

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