A woman got a flat tire in Tennessee. Luke Bryan helped her change it.

Why Live A Life Of Gratitude Unto God As A Lifestyle?

How often do you thank God? It is normal for many people to complain and murmur more than to give thanks to God. However, thanksgiving is the way of life of a true believer and it determines his access to God and His blessings. In this article, you’re encouraged to live a life of gratitude as a lifestyle.

How to Create LinkedIn Engagement

For many who would like to develop their unique company or increase their unique expert system, LinkedIn stays among the best programs to help make contacts? Whenever utilized to its complete possibilities, it might help elevate your profile to who’s inside a position to help their company or attempts.

Compassionate Accountability

To get better in life, we need to hold ourselves accountable and demand more from ourselves. But we also need to take care of ourselves, lest we burn out. Here I share with you a powerful technique that you can use to hold yourself accountable WHILE being compassionate.

Of Emotions and Spirals

Here I discuss an important link between negative emotions and vicious cycles/spirals as well as between positive emotions and virtuous cycles/spirals. Both Plato and modern psychology teach us this insight. And by taking it seriously, you can feel what you have to feel while avoiding unnecessary vicious cycles and cultivate the kind of attitude that can help you enter virtuous spirals.

The Curious Case of Invisible Progress

All too often you can find yourself in the very real, very frustrating situation of making a lot of moves but not having a lot of concrete progress to show for it. Here I share with you the idea of invisible progress. This is a powerful idea that you can use to keep getting back up and staying motivated in situations like this one. It can help you get in touch with all that you are accomplishing even when it seems you’re not accomplishing much.