Aaron Rodgers jokes that look-alike in stands for Packers vs. Bears ‘was a total plant by NBC’ – USA TODAY

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All the buzz over the Aaron Rodgers look-alike shown in the stands at Lambeau Field during the “Sunday Night Football” broadcast has made its way to the “other” Aaron Rodgers.

“Total plant,” Rodgers joked during his regular Tuesday appearance on “The Pat McAfee Show.” “That was a total plant by NBC, I’m sure.”

During the fourth quarter of the Chicago Bears-Green Bay Packers game, NBC showed a fan in the crowd who looked jaw-droppingly like Rodgers (with maybe just a little less salt and more pepper in the beard).

The identity of the quarterback twin hasn’t been confirmed but not for lack of people trying to solve the mystery on social media. 

“He’s allegedly a Canadian Bavarian fella who currently lives in Germany,” McAfee said.

A Twitter account with the handle @SherbyFranky in the Bavarian city of Munich appears to show the same person at what looks like Munich International Airport in the background. “Finally Home, the End of a Legendary Weekend,” reads the caption on a photo posted Tuesday, along with the hashtags #doppelganger and #DoubleAaron.

McAfee asked Rodgers if he knew the fan or has talked to him. Rodgers didn’t answer, but he is following @SherbyFranky on Twitter. Instead, he kidded more about his theory that the man was really an actor placed in the crowd to make for good TV.

“The thing though that makes me think he might have been a plant is, doesn’t he turn to the camera and acknowledges the camera?” Rodgers said. “Has he got his SAG (Screen Actors Guild) card?”

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It’s not the first time a Rodgers look-alike made people do a double take. Several years ago, British comedian Tom Wrigglesworth mined his resemblance to Rodgers for laughs in a video that humorously traced Rodgers’ lineage in England. In 2014, he filmed an NFL Films Presents special that had him going around to Green Bay landmarks trying to fool people and ultimately meeting Rodgers and his teammates at Lambeau Field.

In 2020, a Victorian Era photo for sale on eBay showed a mustachioed man with a strong resemblance to Rodgers. It sold for $202.

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