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Bakersfield College’s Renegade won the most important victory of the season, beating East Los Angeles Huskies 4-0 on Tuesday afternoon, setting a record 2-2-2 after a late start this year. Has been updated.

Four players, Kevin Ramos, Marco Guerrero, Daniel Nino and Edwin Ramos, scored in BC and dominated Husky (0-2-4) on the attacking side, a mirror image of Renegade’s 4-0 home. became. Lost to Fullerton two weeks ago.

“Our attitude, strength, and our desire to get after every play has changed over the last decade,” said BC coach Vaylon Martinez. “We saw it in training, we saw it in the last few games.”

The shift was clear from the start of the match on Tuesday. Guerrero threatened Husky from the opening whistle, repeatedly made long runs on enemy territory, attempted tackles and maintained ownership. In the 6th minute, inspired by a great throw from goalkeeper Adrian Sandval, Guerrero tried to slip through ELAC’s defense on the outside of his right foot, but couldn’t find Andrew Gonzalez completely.

Three minutes later, Guerrero, assisted, dribbled the foot of Husky’s centre-back Anthony Bautista, shooting a shot that gave Kevin Ramos a simple goal from the rebound.

Renegade continued to push after the opening goal, and ELAC’s defense was easily confused, repeatedly giving up his position for his own purposes. In the 30th minute, when Husky’s defender trapped the ball between his feet, Goalmouth’s scrum led to an indirect free kick from close range. ELAC quickly scored the entire team as a goal, but Guerrero still recorded some deflection.

“We don’t expect just one man to score for us,” Martinez said.

This gave Renegade the lead of the first two goals of the season.

“We had really poor results,” said ELAC coach Eddie Flores. “The first half was terrible. Two mistakes, and I acknowledge Bakersfield’s credit — they were there.”

Joaquin Toledo joined ELAC in the second half of the first half, giving Husky the first real spark of the game. But even when he troubled up the wing from a defensive position, his crosses often widened and found offside targets.

The second half will be an important test of Renegade’s defense, scoring 9 goals in one 3-game stretch. When ELAC’s Bryant Guerrero found a space on the right side of the box, awkwardly bounced off Sandval and fired into a vulnerable position, they were almost caught with flat feet in just half an hour. Renegade’s defense was able to swing the ball violently, clearing the ball across the bar and defending a pair of ineffective corner kicks.

Since then, it has been all rebels again. The attack was rough but effective. After the Huskies failed to clear a series of false crosses in the 73rd minute, the ball bounced off at Nino’s feet to the right of the goal, and the freshman beat Jonathan Ortiz forward again.

Husky’s lack of concentration began to manifest itself through a series of slow fouls. Midfielder Vincent Mendes was sent off in the 78th minute with a hard tackle that defeated Ricky Nino. Renegade provided a variety of reserves, but Nathaniel Kano stumbled into the box during the downtime, Edwin Ramos lowered the penalty and placed it to the left past Ortiz’s open arms, playing the game 4-0. Was finished.

“In the end, Kano was penalized and Edwin had just entered. The confidence that he had to get rid of it, that’s great,” Martinez said.

In a challenging match against Santa Barbara on hold on Friday, Renegade now has two victories under their belt.

“I think it’s a very good thing after the season starts late,” said Marco Guerrero.

ELAC “returns to the drawing board” before hosting Cypress on Friday night, Flores said.

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Aggressive offense powers Renegades’ 4-0 win over East Los Angeles | Sports Source link Aggressive offense powers Renegades’ 4-0 win over East Los Angeles | Sports