Arizona Awards $300,000 to Help Replace Aging Chiller at Non-Profit Affordable Housing Community in Phoenix – Signals AZ

By Staff | on May 31, 2021

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Governor Doug Ducey and the Arizona Department of Housing worked together to award $300,000 in emergency grant funds to help address a critical need related to an aging chiller that provides air conditioning at 209 W. Jackson Apartments, a non-profit affordable housing community located in downtown Phoenix. The property is a multistory building with 297 single-room units for extremely low-income residents. The property is restricted by the State to serving extremely low-income individuals with rent levels affordable to the population.

AZ Dept Housing

Utilizing $200,000 from the Crisis Contingency & Safety Net Fund and $100,000 from the State Housing Trust Fund, the funds will be used to help replace the property’s 15-year old chiller in order to get in front of the situation and avoid a catastrophic failure of the system during the summer months.

Mark Holleran, CEO of Arizona Housing, Inc., which owns and operates the 209 West Jackson permanent, affordable, supportive housing facility said “This support from the state is literally life-saving as we face the upcoming summer months. Without this support, we would be facing an untenable environmental situation that would severely impact some of our community’s most vulnerable individuals.”

This is a unique project, serving a population with extremely low incomes, many of whom were formerly homeless. As of December 2020, 90% of the tenants at 209 W Jackson Apartments reported incomes at or below 30 percent of the area median income.

Non-profit owned, affordable properties housing populations with extremely low incomes generally operate on very slim budgets with lower than average operating reserves. We are pleased the State is able to step in and provide this resource to continue to provide a safe and comfortable living space for the nearly 300 residents at 209 W Jackson Apartments.

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