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Marcos Austin coaches Bakersfield College wrestlers to bring out strength and endurance matches. The way the team won Thursday night-in the pins of the three first rounds against East Los Angeles University-did not follow the blueprint exactly.

“We condition for 8, 12, 15 and 20 minutes,” Austin said. “The goal of each match is to drag them into the deep sea. To be honest, it’s a surprise to me to aggressively attack early and get pins early.”

After an early takedown, they each led 2-0, with 165-year-old Jesus Navarrete, 174-year-old Gracen Hayes, and 184-year-old Jonathan Hunter pinning ELAC opponents in the first round, with Renegade 30-27. As he continued to win, he contributed 18 points to his BC score.

That was a disappointing result for Husky, who took an 18-12 lead from a hard-earned decision victory from 149-year-old Hector Ramirez and 157-year-old Josue Aguilar.

“We couldn’t ask any more because everyone did their best,” said ELAC coach Miguel Soto. “We gave up three pins. It’s not ideal, but it’s still early in the season. I’m proud of our performance.”

The dual meet started with a double confiscation at 125, an ELAC at 133 and a BC confiscation at 141, and even 12 reached the score. .. The first round ended before Ramirez secured his third escape, keeping Bueda’s lead 6-2.

However, Ramirez returned with a quick escape from the defensive position and his own takedown. I then held down Bueda for 40 seconds until Bueda was out of bounds, and then added a third takedown at the end of the second round. Ramirez took the lead further in stall and riding time points, eventually winning 11-6.

The £ 157 class provided Renegade with an important missed opportunity. With 15 seconds remaining, Josiah Quiros grabbed Aguilar’s right foot, but couldn’t pull the right move away to convert his momentary advantage into a score, and ELAC went to 18-12. It went up.

BC’s onslaught began as Navarrete, Hayes, and Hunter dominated the weight class with three consecutive pins. The highlight was 174, when Hayes grabbed Damian Castillo’s foot and used it to rewind him off the border and convert it into an early takedown.

“Sometimes you will get caught in your back, and I guess you must be able to repel your back,” Soto said.

BC also confiscated the £ 197 class. In short, Renegade plunged into a heavyweight clash between Nathan Ramos and Grassen’s brother Corbyn Hayes at 30-24. Husky needed his own pin to tie it. Hayes stagnated Ramos in the first round, but despite Ramos starting in an inferior position, Hayes abandoned the reversal and went down 2-0, eventually losing 6-1. However, Husky scored only 3 points and lost 30-27.

BC is currently 2-2 in this year’s dual. Austin is optimistic about Renegade’s outlook as wrestlers from both teams compete in a tournament in Santa Anna on Saturday.

“We have to win as many games as we can. We need to keep each wrestler healthy,” he said. Only from there. “

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BC wrestling uses three early pins to eke out 30-27 win over East Los Angeles | Sports Source link BC wrestling uses three early pins to eke out 30-27 win over East Los Angeles | Sports