Biden announces new sanctions against Russia on Ukraine invasion | USA TODAY

‘Defending freedom will have costs’ Biden on Russia invasion of Ukraine

“I’m announcing the first traunch of sanctions to impose costs on Russia” Joe Biden on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

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Quitting Smoking And Extreme Anxiety

In my 15 years assisting clients to quit smoking, occasionally I have seen a response that was confusing. It happened to a few people who don’t normally suffer from anxiety. In these cases their anxiety was overwhelming, causing them to feel so bad they couldn’t work or barely hold a conversation. When I dug into this problem I found what is referred to as a glutamate storm.

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A 2012 University of Texas study is just beginning to receive recognition. It discusses the dangers of the coronavirus vaccine.

Weight Loss Advice

The weight loss industry is worth an enormous amount of money with women being the target of advertisers. It is important for those intending to go on a diet to question their motives and ask themselves, “Am I doing for myself or am I being fat-shamed into doing it?” It is important to just be happy being you before you consider changing anything in your life because unless you are content there will always be something that you need in order to be happy.

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