Biden remarks on last week’s deadly tornadoes and extreme weather in Kentucky (LIVE) | USA TODAY

President Joe Biden arrived in tornado-ravaged Kentucky Wednesday, ready to lend a sympathetic ear and the assistance of the federal government.


“I’m here to listen,” Biden said after taking an aerial tour of the damage in Mayfield, one of the hardest hit communities. “I think the vast majority of Americans know what you’ve been through just looking on the television.”

He said he’s never seen so much damage from a tornado.

Biden spoke inside a corrugated steel airport hangar where food, bottles of water, clothes and toys were stacked on pallets. An American flag hung on the wall behind Biden, who sat with state and local officials at folding tables.

Lamenting that he’s been in “too many of these meetings” focused on disaster relief, Biden said he’s impressed by how people work together after a tragedy.

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