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President Joe Biden, who embarked on an overseas trip for the first time in his term, reasserted the United States on the world stage, stabilized the European allies deeply shaken by his predecessor, and made democracy an authoritarian force. Aspiring to promote as the only breakwater to.

Biden has set a full eight-day travel stake, believing that as the world recovers from the coronavirus pandemic, the West must publicly prove that it can compete economically with China. Yes.

For the third summit with Russia’s Vladimir Putin, Biden reassured the United States as a trusted partner to thwart the invasion of Moscow on both the Eastern Front and the Internet battlefield. Aiming to reassure the European capital.

This trip is more about the message than the specific action or transaction. And for Mr. Biden, who will visit Britain for the first time on Wednesday, a top priority is the trajectory of US foreign policy, fearing that his administration is heading for irreparably many allies. To convince the world that it is not a temporary deviation from the outlook for trading under former President Donald Trump.

“This journey will be at the heart of Joe Biden’s fundamental impetus for foreign policy,” said Jake Sullivan, National Security Adviser, National Security Adviser.

Biden’s to-do list is ambitious.

In a face-to-face roundtable in Geneva, Biden provoked countless provocations, including a cybersecurity attack on an American company by a Russian-based hacker, the imprisonment of opposition leader Alexei Nawaliny, and repeated secret efforts. Kremlin, who wants to personally pressure Putin to end, interferes with the US elections.

Biden is also a competitor in emerging economies and national security, rallying allies in response to COVID-19 and expressing concern about Europe’s economic ties to Moscow. He wants to encourage unity around a strategy to check one China. Mr. Biden also encourages neighboring countries, including Australia, to be more proactive in global efforts to curb global warming. I want to.

Mr. Biden has traveled the world for decades as Vice President and Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, taking off Air Force One as Commander-in-Chief. He confronts world leaders who are still wrestling with the virus, and is upset by President Trump’s inward foreign policy and the movement that has strained long-standing alliances as the former president made suggestions to influential people. doing.

In a Washington Post editorial, Biden previewed Biden’s diplomatic efforts, saying, “At this moment when the world is still uncertain, the world is facing a once-in-a-century pandemic.” We are allies and partners, demonstrating democracy’s ability to meet the challenges of this new era and deter threats. “

The President will first visit the United Kingdom for a summit of seven leaders and then Brussels for a meeting between the NATO summit and the leaders of the European Union. It’s a moment of diminishing expectations of what Europeans can expect from US leadership on the foreign stage.

People in Central and Eastern Europe are eager to connect the United States to their own security. Germany does not need to build its own unit, as it expects the US military presence to remain there. France, on the other hand, has taken the policy that the United States is as unreliable as it once was and the European Union will have to pursue greater strategic autonomy in the future.

Alexander Russell Versh, a former U.S. diplomat and former assistant secretary to NATO, said, “There is a real concern that Mr. Trump’s tendency in the U.S. may return completely in the mid-term or next presidential election. I think. “

Biden has been in talks with Western European allies for over a week to show unity before the summit with President Putin.

His first visit late Wednesday was a speech to US troops stationed in the United Kingdom, and the next day he will sit with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. The two will meet one day before the G-7 Summit on a steep cliff in Cornwall overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.

Biden, the most sensitive politician, is dissatisfied with diplomatic dynamics through the pandemic Zoom, and once again a face-to-face meeting that allows him to scale up and connect with world leaders. I am enjoying being able to hold it. Biden himself is a veteran politician, but many of the world leaders he will see in Britain, such as Johnson and French President Emmanuel Macron, took office after Biden left Vice President. The other is German Angela Merkel, who will resign later this year.

There are several potential areas of tension. With regard to climate change, the United States aims to regain its confidence after Trump has pulled the country back from the fight against global warming. Biden may also be feeling pressure on trade, but he hasn’t paid much attention to this issue yet, despite the fact that the United States is well supplied with the COVID-19 vaccine. Leaders who are behind in vaccination campaigns are sure to pressure Biden to distribute more surplus around the world, as they are struggling to convince some of their citizens to use it. To apply.

Another central focus is China. Biden and other G7 leaders will announce an infrastructure financing program for developing countries aimed at directly competing with Beijing’s Belt and Road initiative. But not all European powers have seen China as harshly as Biden. Biden envisions competition with technosecurity nations as the decisive competition in the 21st century.

The European Union avoids the Chinese government’s insistence on Beijing’s crackdown on Hong Kong’s democratic movement and the treatment of Uighur Muslims and other ethnic minorities in the Xinjiang ji province, as the Biden administration prefers. I came. However, there are signs that Europe is willing to monitor Beijing more closely.

In March, the EU announced sanctions on four Chinese officials involved in human rights abuses in the new in. Beijing responded by imposing sanctions on several members of the European Parliament and other Europeans who were critical of the Chinese Communist Party.

Biden will also meet with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan during his stay in Brussels.

Mr. Biden waited until April and nominated Mr. Erdogan for the first time as president. On the phone, he told Turkish leaders that he would formally admit that the systematic killing and deportation of hundreds of thousands of Armenians by the Ottoman army in the early 20th century was “genocide.” Its predecessor has avoided for decades due to concerns about alienating Turkey.

The finale of the trip will be a meeting between Mr. Biden and Mr. Putin.

Mr. Biden’s approach to Russia is very different from Mr. Trump’s friendly approach. Their only summit in Helsinki in July 2018 refused Trump to be on the side of US intelligence over Putin’s denial of Russia’s interference with the elections two years ago. It was characterized by what it did.

Biden faces domestic unrest as Russia attempts to undermine US status as a global role model by taking advantage of the riots and voting debates that took place in the Capitol on January 6. There is a high possibility that it will be done. Second, the US president is expected to put pressure on Russia to calm global interference.

“In general, these are not outcomes conferences, but’know you again’conferences for the United States and Europe,” said Richard Haas, Council on Foreign Relations. “This is a message to President Putin and an old alliance. To revive and show again that the United States is back on the right track. “

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