Burbank Business Stitching Jerseys the Rams Will Wear on Super Bowl Sunday – NBC Southern California

The Rams team is getting new Super Bowl Sunday jerseys that are being handmade in Burbank at a family-owned embroidery shop.

The pristine white jerseys are what the team will wear on Sunday and they are each hand-sown by dedicated Angelenos.

“Hundreds of millions of peoples are going to watch this game. It’s going to be awesome,” said Louis Talamantes, the president and owner of Buddy’s All Stars in Burbank.

“We started from a 12-and-a-half-foot by 50-foot building to where we are today, it’s incredible.”

He immigrated to Texas from Mexico before calling LA home when he was 7. A veteran and retired Culver City fire captain, his team is now creating the jerseys for the NFC champions to wear on Super Bowl Sunday.

“I’m the owner of the company, but the people behind me, the people you see around us, they are the company,” he said. “They’re the heart-beat of the company.”

Daniel Perez, Buddy’s operations manager, helped seal the deal with the Rams.


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“I can’t believe that I’m a part of it, to be honest with you,” Perez said.

He is also helping lead a team of hard-working tailors.

“There’s no computer, there’s no machine that could do this,” he said. “In the end it takes a human being with experience.”

Some tailors have been around for decades and generations. Perez said one particular tailor comes from three generations of tailors.

“His name is Louis Fernandez, he comes from a region in Mexico called Puebla,” Perez said. “It all started in the backyard of his house, actually, his grandfather, then his dad and he came to America with his skill already.”

He is making his family proud with the amount of dedication he has.

“He’’s the only person I know who makes jerseys for the Rams and Quincenera dresses for his daughters,” Perez said.

They are stitching with care for a Super Bowl victory.

“Every single patch will be sown on by hand, because every patch needs to be perfect,” Perez said. “This is our year, our year to be a part of the championship team.”