CNN HERO: Los Angeles woman helps the homeless – KVOA Tucson News

LOS ANGELES (CNN) – Los Angeles has a homeless population that tops 65,000, and while many may look the other way, his week’s CNN hero has planted herself squarely in the epicenter of L.A.’s homelessness, Skid Row.

She brings care and hopes to the unseen whose pain and loss she understands personally after losing her two-year-old son.

Meet Shirley Raines.

“It is just being seen, being touched, being cared for,” Raines said. “It plants a little bit of self-esteem in them, so they feel like, okay, maybe, no one knows I’m homeless because I have a fresh cut.”

Shirley said that she addresses everyone as “Kings” and “Queens” because “that is who they are… we want to make them feel beautiful.”

Raines began ‘Beauty 2 the Streetz’ in 2017 and it has continued to this day.

“I’m not gonna lie to you and tell you things are gonna be better now, but what I am gonna do is feed ya while you’re out here,” Raines said. “What I am gonna do is do your hair. What I am gonna do is give you a hug. What I am gonna do is encourage you and speak life into you. That’s what I can do.

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