Cold War or WWIII? Russian invasion of Ukraine draws comparisons | USA TODAY

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine evoke memories of 20th-century conflicts in Europe, leaving many asking: is this a new Cold War?

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Tanks rolled into Ukraine unabated. Families packed into darkened subway stations to take shelter from bombs. Others filled suitcases and fled along clogged roadways out of cities.

The images emerging from Ukraine on Thursday evoke memories of 20th-century conflicts in Europe that once seemed unimaginable in 2022, leaving many to wonder: Is this a new Cold War? Or the beginning of World War III?

“In terms of cold war, you have the vast majority of the rest of the world in total opposition to what he’s doing,” President Joe Biden said of Russian President Vladimir Putin at a news conference Thursday afternoon. “And so it’s going to be a cold day for Russia.”

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