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Wendy Gladney

Wendy Gladney (Courtesy Photo)

Being couped up inside for the past couple of years many of us have been experiencing cabin fever and we cannot wait to get out. With the holidays knocking at our door, traveling is something that many of us are contemplating. For some traveling may be packing up the family car, or taking a quick plane or train trip, but then for others it is considering international travel. If you are one of these people and you have the bug to travel, then make sure you know what to do so you do not catch a “bug” of some kind.  It is still important for us to be careful and safe.

We are still living in uncertain times and some authorities feel like we should delay traveling, if possible, but if you are going to travel there are safety measures and precautions we should follow. We already know the obvious such as be aware of the status of the virus wherever you are traveling, wear a mask, wash your hands frequently, use sanitary wipes, and avoid crowds whenever possible. Get vaccinated and if you refuse to get vaccinated, then get tested for COVID-19 regularly and often.  If you do test positive, then abort your plans. When we do not follow protocol, we can jeopardize the life and safety of not only ourselves, but also those we love.  We cannot be selfish where we do not consider others.

There are a few other things we should consider when we are traveling to help us be safe in other ways other than just our health.  As you travel know your surroundings, try not to look like a tourist, it can make you a mark for robbery or something even worse.  Make sure all your paperwork is in order and make copies of your important documents such as your passport, license, etcetera and put in a safe space. Make sure someone in your family knows about your travels (but you do not have to tell the world) so they can keep an eye out for you and your home. Oh, and by the way, check-in with them to let them know you are okay. Safeguard your belongings and be careful of your critical information when using public Wi-Fi’s. Bottom line, use good judgment.

You may think okay I had a great trip and now I am back home safe and sound.  But if you have been around a lot of people and in not familiar territory it is best to be cautious.  If you feel sick in any way, get tested as soon as you return home, even if you are vaccinated. It might be a good idea to get tested even if you do not feel anything because we can become infected and be carriers and not even know it.  You might say, Wendy I am vaccinated, and I do not feel anything is wrong and I do not think I have to get tested, well I say, at least self-quarantine for a full seven days after you return from your travels.

I understand the desire to get out and have some fun.  Remember, I am the one who has spent much of her life involved with events and traveling.  However, we must understand we are in a new day and as we try to resume some of the things, we used to do, we may have to make a few minor adjustments.  There is a way we can resume regular activities by practicing a little caution. So if you have the bug to get out and about, just follow a few simple suggestions so you do not bring back a bug that was not welcome.

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