Freedom Now: How Institutions of Power Fuel and Stall Change | Seven Days of 1961 | USA TODAY

Examine how racism continues to shape our country with Tougaloo College and USA TODAY. Join us for “Freedom Now: How Institutions of Power Fuel and Stall Change.”


USA TODAY is inviting readers to examine how racism continues to shape our country in this free virtual event titled, “Freedom Now: How Institutions of Power Fuel and Stall Change”. In collaboration with Tougaloo College, this conversation focuses on the roles law enforcement, media, government and education leaders serve in civil rights movements.

This event is part of USA TODAY’s Seven Days of 1961 project, which spotlights seven pivotal protests in 1961 that fueled the civil rights movement and helped end legal segregation and extend voting rights to millions of Black Americans.

This project arrives more than a year after the deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and many other Black Americans. It comes amid a divisive national debate over systemic racism, equal access to the voting booth, how we teach American history and what role institutions such as the police, media and government serve in making our society safe and fair for all.

“Freedom Now” is inspired by mass meetings held in Black communities to end segregation.
These gatherings served to keep hope alive through song, prayer and testimony.

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