Highwood Usa is back in operation – Times News Online – tnonline.com

Published November 17. 2021 10:39AM

The Highwood USA plant in Tidewood Industrial Park, Hometown said today it is fully operational after a fire damaged the plant last Wenesday.

“Highwood is very grateful for the rapid response from the many volunteer companies, and extremely thankful for their selfless work to help our team,” the company said in a news release.

Highwood employees pitched in on Thursday and Friday to clean up and organize the plant, and test equipment to ensure it is functioning properly.

On Saturday the company started several production lines, and by Monday at 7 a.m. all lines were operational. All shipping and receiving is working normally, and the company will ensure it satisfies the needs of its customers.

Highwood USA, a manufacturer of synthetic wood and outdoor furniture, currently employs 190 people in its two plants in Hometown and Hazleton. The company continues to grow, and is seeking motivated people to join its team. As many as 40 positions are available, ranging from production technicians and managers to customer care reps and accounting staff.