How Lindsey Vonn Is Mentoring Team USA’s Rising Skiers Ahead of 2022 Olympics – E! Online

In an exclusive interview, gold medalist Lindsey Vonn told E! News what American skiers viewers should keep their eyes on before the games begin. “I’m really cheering for them,” she said.

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Never underestimate Lindsey Vonn as an athlete and a cheerleader.

After competing in the Salt Lake City, Turin, Vancouver and Pyeongchang Olympic games, the three-time medalist knows a thing or two about success.

And although she announced her retirement in February 2019, Lindsey remains hands-on with the sport and is more than happy to support the next generation of talent.

“I think it’s a responsibility of a professional athlete to give back and I’ve always taken that responsibility to heart,” Lindsey exclusively shared with E! News at the new Range Rover debut in Los Angeles. “For me, when I retired, it was important for me to stay in touch with all of my teammates and a lot of the young ones have definitely asked for my advice and I’m happy to give it. I’ve always been an open book and I want to help the next generation.” 

Earlier this month, Lindsey, who is a Land Rover ambassador, headed to Cooper Mountain in Colorado where she was able to ski with a group of Olympic hopefuls. Though she won’t be racing with them in Beijing, Lindsey still considers them teammates.

“It was fun to be out there with them and talk with them and give them some feedback,” she said. “I’m really cheering for them for these upcoming Olympics.”

Joe Scarnici/Getty Images for Jaguar Land Rover

So who should sports fans be on the lookout for this coming February? Lindsey shared a few ladies making a name for themselves in alpine skiing.

“Obviously Mikaela [Shiffrin] is the big name, but there’s really some amazing talented girls who are coming up like Bella Wright and Keely Cashman and Breezy Johnson especially,” Lindsey said. “I think Breezy has a great chance of getting a medal in downhill so I’m watching out for those girls. Paula Moltzan is from Minnesota as well so she’s a hometown girl. I’m really excited to cheer for them.”

And while excitement continues to build for the games, a conversation surrounding mental health and Olympic athletes continues. Thanks to brave competitors like Simone Biles, Lindsey is hopeful that viewers will remain supportive of athletes no matter where they place on the leaderboard.

“I think having a little more understanding of what we’re going through is great, and I think Simone and other athletes have put the spotlight on mental health in a big way. Going into these next games, I hope that continues to be a conversation,” she said. “I think having more awareness and more empathy for others is a really good thing.”

Mark your calendars for the Opening Ceremony of the 2022 Winter Olympics kicking off Feb. 4, 2022 on the networks of NBC.

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