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(CBSLA) – Father’s Day is just around the corner so we have unique gift ideas for Dad.

School of Rock

Ever dream of learning to play an instrument?  School of Rock has got you covered.  From drums, bass, guitar, to vocals, School of Rock’s instructors make learning fun with their SongFirst approach. They help you learn the songs you love while learning the fundamentals.

Try a free lesson at

gorinbrosGift Ideas for Dad with Goorin Bros

Since 1895 Goorin Bros have been making hats here in the USA.  They have styles to fit any taste or lifestyle – plus you can personalize your look with fun accessories!  A great hat makes the perfect gift for Dad.

See their styles at

Baxter of California

For many it’s been over a year since we’ve had a proper hair cut due to the pandemic.  It’s time to step out in style with a fresh cut and trim from Baxter of California.  Their barber shop Baxter Finley in West Hollywood offers everything from haircuts to straight razor shaves and facials.

For more information go to

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