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DOWNTOWN LOS ANGELES (KABC) — If you’re sick of working remotely, you may be in luck thanks to new technologies implemented at offices.

Those who work in one downtown L.A. high rise office building like Rodney Diggs say they never worked remotely during the pandemic because of the steps their building has taken to keep employees safe.

“Air purification that they have especially pumping out of the different units, the suites, the elevators. That’s a big thing because you want the good quality of the air coming in and out. The disinfectant to maintain the safety in the office and the schedules they have for the wipe downs,” said Diggs, who has worked at 444 South Flower in downtown Los Angeles for 11 years.

444 South Flower, which is owned and managed by Coretrust Capital Partners, says more and more of their tenants are coming back to work everyday, and they expect the building to return to pre-COVID numbers in the near future.

“Many people’s homes were not designed to be home and office 100% of the time,” said Thomas Ricci, managing principal and co-founder of Coretrust Capital Partners.

Coretrust Capital is leasing disinfecting robots that clean the air and surfaces eliminating bacteria. The building has a new state-of-the-art air purification system, and elevator cabs have a new air purifier above the ceiling. Touchless fixtures are now found everywhere including bathrooms and parking garages, and floors have been re-designed for a safer workplace without reducing capacity.

Tenants of 444 South Flower say now more than ever, they appreciate that the 6th floor has a 1,000-square-foot open air terrace with no windows, indoors.

“We’ve created an environment we feel takes away any concern tenants have about returning to the workplace. We look at the workplace post-COVID as not much different than it was pre-COVID. Health and wellness, indoor air, indoor water and environmental quality are going to be things that are at the top of tenants’ lists,” said Ricci.

Just how restaurants, hotels and air travel are bouncing back – Coretrust says the workplace isn’t going away. They believe the key is improving the current environment to make buildings feel brand new.

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