Lakers: Executive Suggests DeMar DeRozan Could Land in LA With Anthony Davis Trade – Sports Illustrated

The Lakers have come big decisions looming after this season. While the focus is obviously on competing and at least staying in the play-in hunt, they also need to start thinking about their long-term future. 

With so few draft assets in the coming years, the Lakers are stuck with free agency as their option for talent. That could also be difficult if they do decide to extend LeBron James, which seems very likely given his stardom.

But trading Anthony Davis has been a route that many analysts suggest the Lakers take. That could potentially help them restock their draft assets and bring in fresh faces. reported yesterday that an NBA executive thought the Bulls could be a perfect fit.

“Chicago is the one place I can see AD saying, ‘OK, if you are going to trade me, send me home.’ He has always wanted to play for the Bulls. That is not a big secret. He wants to do something for his city. If you are Chicago, I do not see how you don’t make an offer, at least feel it out.”

Chicago is one place that many could see Davis wanting to play. Going back home to play at home could be something that he would be okay with, should the Lakers attempt to trade him.  

“But you would have to send DeMar DeRozan back. Plus I’d say either Pat Williams or Coby White. And if it is White, then a draft pick, too. I think that is something that would at least have a chance because the Lakers can say, ‘Well he wanted to go home,’ then let his injuries be Chicago’s problem.”

That trade could land DeMar DeRozan in Los Angeles. If you can remember back before he signed his deal in a sign and trade, the Lakers were one of the teams interested. DeRozan will be under contract for 2 more seasons valued at close to $28 million per year. 

That could be huge for the Lakers. Davis could be under contract through the next 3 seasons, valued at right around $40 million a year. The salary relief alone would be a huge benefit for Los Angeles. 

But the potential picks and other assets that would come in an AD trade would be phenomenal. Considering DeRozan is averaging over 28 points per game this year, the deal has to seem enticing. 

But will the Lakers pull the trigger on a deal that ships off AD?