Los Angeles California – Overview | Things to do – Travel Guide

Los Angeles California – Overview | Things to do – Travel Guide
In this video I’ll give you my prospective of Los Angeles and some of the best things to do around the city. L.A. is one of the the country’s biggest cities and I wanted to make this video as a travel guide for future visitors…offering a few things to see and do.

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Intro: 0:00
Los Angeles County: 0:30
L.A. beach towns 1:45
Santa Monica 1:56
Pacific Park Santa Monica 2:13
Palisades Park 2:24
Third Street Promenade 2:38
Santa Monica hotels 2:56
Santa Monica bike path 3:08
Venice Beach 3:44
Venice Beach homeless 4:19
Venice beach street performers 4:51
Los Angeles hiking and biking trails 5:19
Griffith Observatory 5:34
getting around Los Angeles 6:15
L.A. scenic drives 6:25
Los Angeles homeless population 6:35
Los Angeles Museums 7:20
Los Angeles Parks 7:30
Overrated things to skip in L.A. 7:42
Conclusion 7:59

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