Los Angeles Travel Guide in 1 Day!

The perfect Los Angeles guide in 1 day.
While there are many things to do in LA, this can be your perfect Los Angeles adventure in 1 day. From Griffith Observatory, and the Hollywood Sign to Santa Monica pier, this is our experience in one of the most popular cities in the world, Los Angeles. And yes, all of this can be done, in 1 day.

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Finding the Humor in Spirituality

As Mark Twain said, “Humor is mankind’s greatest blessing.” As gratitude multiples your blessings, we hope you appreciate the humor in the quotes below. Some of the quotes may seem too negative to be spiritual, but we believe questioning spirituality is a good thing and can be spiritual too.

Will We Run Out Of Water In The Future?

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Quitting Smoking… What Is Your Smoking Style

So you’ve been smoking for a long time and you want to quit, I’m just wondering what is your smoking style, it’s important because smoking has been a part of your identity and you are going to have to leave it behind as you create a new identity for yourself as a non smoker. So are you a conventional smoker with your smoke held between two fingers? Do you hold the cigarette low and out of sight, or do you rest your elbow on your other hand with the smoke…

Personal Development Success Is Within Your Grasp

Many people try personal development techniques, but often they find them hard to accomplish. Barriers, such as physical fitness, mental capacity or self control, can hinder those who wish to try personal development. The tips found in this article will help anyone attempting personal development to break down those barriers.

Perspective: An Essential Leadership Principle

How big is your perspective? How deep, far and wide do you think? Expanding perspective is a fundamental leadership principle we need to practice. Like doing drills for your favourite sport.