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From Shannon St Clair’s ex Dave Portnoy making headlines to the islanders’ Halloween party, these are the biggest news from Love Island USA this week.

This week, the contestants from Love Island USA made headlines for their Halloween looks and famous exes. Ever since Love Island USA season 3 ended, these islanders have done a great job keeping their fans interested in what’s going on in their lives outside the villa. From wild breakups to new couples to maintaining the relationships they formed on the show, these cast members have become reality TV stars and high-profile social media influencers in their own right.

Last week, Love Island fans discovered that Jeremy Hershberg did date Florita Diaz after he broke up with Bailey Marshall after all. There was speculation about Jeremy and Florita dating when they met up in New York City days before the season 3 reunion trip, but they originally shut down those rumors. Recently, Florita confirmed that she and Jeremy tried to date but ended up breaking up already. All things considered, this cast would have quite a journey if they ever go on MTV’s Ex On The Beach.

Shannon St Clair also took to social media recently to update fans on her relationship with Josh Goldstein outside the villa. According to Shannon, they’re stronger than ever as a couple and barely ever fight, which is great news. Considering the trauma that Josh went through losing his sister while filming the show, it’s good to know that his relationship with Shannon is still going steady.

Shannon St Clair’s Ex Boyfriend Dave Portnoy Is Accused By Multiple Women

Shannon’s ex-boyfriend, Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy, was accused by multiple women this week of committing “violent sexual behavior” with partners who were reportedly as young as 19 years old. Dave and Shannon dated as recently as February 2021, just a few months prior to Love Island USA. Now, Dave Portnoy is facing accusations that he put women through “frightening and humiliating experiences.” On the other hand, he has taken to social media to completely deny these allegations. As far as Shannon is concerned, however, she has not addressed anything related to this story as of this writing.

Islanders Celebrate Halloween Together In Scottsdale, Arizona

A very large group of Love Island cast members took a trip to Scottsdale, AZ to celebrate Halloween together. This was yet another informal Love Island USA reunion set up by the season 3 stars. In attendance were Cashay Proudfoot, Trina Njoroge, Bailey Marshall, Alana Paolucci, Florita Diaz, Elly Steffen, Korey Gandy, Olivia Kaiser, Kyra Lizama, Will Moncada, Mackenzie Dipman, Leslie Golden, Bennett Sipes, Josh Goldstein, and Shannon St Clair, to name a few. Their Halloween outfits included references to DC Comics, Mean Girls, Britney Spears, Pulp Fiction, Greek mythology, and more.

Instagram Takes Down Love Island Group Photo, Then Reinstates It

Another eye-catching situation that took place in the last seven days was a particular photo featuring the Love Island USA girls getting taken down by Instagram for allegedly violating the social network’s guidelines. The picture (included above) was shared by Leslie Golden and featured Cashay Proudfoot, Olivia Kaiser, Shannon St Clair, and Elly Steffen. This Instagram photo from the Love Island USA women was indeed suggestive, but it’s quite clear that nothing is being shown in the frame. After reviewing the post, IG went back on its decision to censor the Love Island USA girls from expressing themselves.

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