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Breaking down the biggest Love Island USA news of the week, from Florita & Jeremy’s confirmed breakup to Shannon & Josh’s relationship update.

The stars of Love Island USA season 3 are keeping fans up to date when it comes to their post-season journeys outside the villa. As of October 2021, Cashay Proudfoot & Cinco are still together and thriving in their relationship. Kyra Lizama & Will Moncada are also still dating and don’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon. In turn, Aimee Flores & Wes Ogsbury have officially broken up after a bit of back-and-forth between them.

Curious fans should also know that Leslie Golden and season 2 star Bennett Sipes are still dating as well. Other recent updates include Bailey Marshall announcing that she’s currently single and proud of it, and Charlie Lynch still not being able to bring himself to watch the Love Island USA season 3 yet. Meanwhile, Javonny Vega has mostly kept a low profile as of late, and Andre Luis Brunelli welcomed a new baby into the world.

Just last week, Will & Kyra took to social media to share their double date with Leslie & Bennett. New pictures featuring season 2 stars Johnny Middlebrooks and Mercades Danielle Schell also came to the surface as they worked together as models in a new photoshoot. Now, it’s time to break down the latest updates on your favorite islanders.

Florita Diaz Addresses Jeremy Hershberg Relationship & Breakup

Jeremy Hershberg and Florita Diaz on Love Island USA season 3

Bailey confirmed that Jeremy Hershberg broke up with her just a week after the Love Island USA season 3 finale where they got third place. At the time, rumors started swirling around that he was pursuing a relationship with Florita Diaz outside the villa, but she initially shut down those claims. Recently, Florita confirmed that she dated Jeremy outside the villa, but she also noted that they’re not even together any longer. Now, it seems like Jeremy indeed broke up with Bailey in order to date Florita, but things didn’t work out between the new couple.

Shannon St. Clair & Josh Goldstein Share Relationship Update

Love Island fans have been regularly keeping up with Josh Goldstein and Shannon St Clair at every turn since they left the villa due to the passing of Josh’s sister. They are still in a long-distance relationship, but Josh and Shannon are making every effort to work things out in the real world. This week, Shannon took to Instagram to update fans on what’s going on in their relationship. For instance, Josh and Shannon are still moving in together in the near future as they both relocate to Florida. When it comes to their relationship, Shannon explained that they barely ever fight and declared that their bond is stronger than ever right now.

Love Island USA Season 3 Cast Reunites In Scottsdale, Arizona

There have been a few informal Love Island USA season 3 reunions so far, but nothing has topped the original New York City reunion as of yet. Alas, most season 3 stars are now traveling to Scottsdale, Arizona to party together over the course of this weekend. Olivia Kaiser, Korey Gandy, Trina Njoroge, Alana Paolucci, and Mackenzie Dipman have all confirmed their presence. Also in attendance will be Josh & Shannon and Will & Kyra. Overall, these informal Love Island reunions have been a great way for these islanders to keep the hype going in the post-season.

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