Map: See the CDC’s Country-by-Country Guidance for International Travelers – NBC Southern California

Southern Californians hoping to travel abroad this summer received a boost Wednesday when the European Union endorsed a new travel certification that would allow people to travel between countries without a quarantine requirement.

It’s another sign of a return to something resembling an almost normal summer travel season as countries recover from the coronavirus pandemic and the travel restrictions that came with it.

The map below illustrates country-by-country travel guidance from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The guidance is based on virus transmission risk.

Click on each country for detailed information or used the search bar in the upper right of the map.

COVID-19 CDC Travel Guidance by Country

CDC travel recommendations from the United States to other countries based on COVID-19 transmission risk. Click on each country for more information.

travel advisory key. Level 4 is the highest risk level.