Memorial Day madness! AAA Arizona says travel is up 61% state-wide. – KVOA Tucson News

TUCSON (KVOA) – The holiday weekend is upon us and we know it’s the first holiday weekend since many COVID-19 protocols have been lifted.

You should expect a large influx of cars on the road and planes in the sky this Memorial Day Weekend.

In fact, AAA is saying that travel here in the Grand Canyon State is up 61%. That means that they’re expecting more than 765,000 Arizonans to either hit the road or the skies this weekend for the unofficial start of summer.

Top destinations include Las Vegas, Orlando, Denver, Myrtle Beach and Nashville. And, Tucson International Airport has nonstops to both Las Vegas and Denver.

AAA encourages you to ensure your vehicle is up to date and ready to tackle the trip, if it’s a road trip. And, be sure not to forget to check their travel restrictions map that will help you understand the COVID-19 restrictions in each state.

“You know, we expect the airports to be crowded,” Tucson resident Gary Karr and his family are headed to Wisconsin this weekend. “But, that’s another great sign that people are getting vaccinated, people are feeling safer.”

Aldo Vazquez of AAA Arizona said, “road travel will be up by 53%. Air travel is going to see the highest jump by about 546%.”

AAA also said that gas prices are the highest for a memorial day since 2014 but, they don’t expect that to effect anyone who is hitting the road this year. They also added that you should expect crowded roads for the holiday starting Wednesday… especially during the evening commute. The best times to leave are during the afternoon Thursday or Friday.

To check your flight status out of Tucson International Airport, click here.