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LEWISTOWN — Julia Kunau of Fergus County is celebrating after being crowned Miss Montana Teen USA 2022, but for her the win is about more than just a title.

“I still can’t believe it and I’m still trying to soak it all in,” Kunau said. Kunau, 15 years old, has been competing in pageants for years.

“I competed in Treasure State pageants when I was younger and then I just couldn’t wait until I was able to compete in state pageants. Then, I heard I heard of all the amazing opportunities that were offered with them and I just had to do it,” Kunau explained. “I would love to help promote the pageant organization in the best ways that I can as well as help promote my platform with this title. It’s called CPR Campaign — care, protect, resuscitate — and teach students more about the importance of first aid and CPR and how they can really help their community. I would also like to make appearances in elementary schools and really do my part to work with volunteer and charitable organizations to really give back to the community that has done so much for me.”

Julia is a 4.0 student, involved in several clubs at school, runs cross country and dances, and plans to become a cardiologist.

“I feel as though speech and debate and BPA have really helped my public speaking and communication skills to be a successful attribute in this position,” she said.

Her message for others?

“I would say to believe in yourself and your capabilities, you are absolutely so capable to do great things, and to not take opportunities for granted. If you want to do something, go full-force in. Don’t be scared. if you want to do something even a little bit, go for it because you’ll either win or you’ll learn something from the experience,” said Kunau.

She now plans to compete in the national Miss Teen USA competition in 2022. You can follow Kunau on Instagram as she promotes her platform and prepares for the competition in 2022.

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