NASCAR’s move of Clash to Los Angeles has hit Daytona fans, the economy hard –

Hi Willie!

I understand that change is inevitable and I’ve seen an incredible amount of change over the last 47 years at NASCAR and Daytona International Speedway. But when does the need to bring in a little more money become so great that it erases what makes you personal?

And I don’t want to hear about the new fan base. Do you have enough money to move the race elsewhere and throw away your roots and the people who helped plant them?

Why don’t you make a new race at the new venue? It’s bad enough that they captivated the race itself, but wow, what’s next?

Clash at Daytona is heading west. Not surprisingly, the fans aren't happy.

Ormond Mike

Hey Mike!

What’s next? Don’t ask!

In fact, on the bright side, there is nothing left to remove. Today’s Speedweeks The most glorious The days of glory will be removed from the basics and will remain the first six months of the season for all three major NASCAR series and their ARCA properties.

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The January test changed to early February, far from the day when the Rolex 24 and Daytona 500 were on the big truck in the brilliant noise of two weeks. Things change, of course, but this latest change wasn’t very well accepted by people as it robbed the 42-year-old classic in February.

Without much effort, this week’s column was taken over by sampling those fans.


How can NASCAR executives turn someone who really loves stock car racing for decades into someone who hates it? Ask NASCAR, not me.

How does NASCAR stop people like me? A man from Wyoming everywhere, driving 100 miles just to get to the airport on a frozen winter road to catch a very expensive plane to Florida, and a lot to have a start / finish line seat The man who spends his money Daytona and spends more than 10 years elsewhere on our trip.

How does NASCAR eliminate traditions such as Clash?

And did you decide to race in the stadium at 50mph? Is it called race?

Hmmm, I’m sorry, but I couldn’t find the internet location of DIS or NASCAR where I was actually listening to the fans, so I had to vent somewhere.

Steve, Wyoming

Hi Steve!

I’m not sure if NASCAR and Fox Sports suits considered losing Mountain West’s fan base when moving Clash, but they’ll go there.

Did you say Fox? Yes, Fox. The more I listened to and read, the more I think Fox was the motivation here. Next February, NBC will have the Winter Olympics as well as the Super Bowl. What if Fox could steal attention along the way and use it to promote the next Daytona 500 in a big way?

Why not? Due to its long-lasting anger, it gets from a long-standing fan base that has been hit by many bodies, yet it hangs on a rope like Jake LaMotta and refuses to fall and give up. So far, some have said.

This doesn’t mean that Fox (and NASCAR’s other network “partner” NBC) will call every shot, but talk about contract numbers with three commas and multiple numbers on the left. When you are, nod and take it.

Hi Willie!

Thank you for telling the truth for NASCAR fans. This will reduce the impact of Daytona Speed ​​Week.

There are too many changes and events off the wall. There are too many road course races. If you want to see them, I want to go to more IndyCar events!


Hi Ray!

Now, on the bright side for Ray, this move removes the road course race as the crash was moved there last year. On the downside, it was an interesting show, as was the Daytona Road Course race two weeks later. By the way, it has replaced the race that was canceled in California.

Hi Willie!

Would you like to move the crash to LA? Good idea!

For too long, squatters from all over the United States have come here to spend a week here, clogging hotels and restaurants, lining up long lines at every store, surfing, washing their feet, and renting beer. In our abandoned toilet, we’re emptying our wallets all over the city and basking in our free sunshine.

I tell LA to have them. They are asphalt pain!

Tommy C

Hi Tommy!

What did I tell you about the irony that remains in the hands of trained professionals?

Hi Willie!

The race crew must love this change. Travel all the way to California for non-point races just a few weeks before the Daytona 500, one of the most prestigious races of the year.

That really makes sense.


Hi Ron!

My guess is that the Rank and File crew is fine with anything that frees them from pre-season preparations from dawn to dusk in the store. Hours in the air are hours where the mechanic can relax with the latest copy of Car and Driver.

Also, engineers can engineer from anywhere, so they always work while traveling. Headphones and laptops help you avoid socializing with civilians in the center seat.

Hi Willie!

Is the NBA moving the All-Star game to the ice in the Tampa Bay Lightning Arena? Alternatively, the NFL may be hosting a Pro Bowl on Turns 1 and 2 of Talladega. Or is MLB performing an All-Star game inside the Orlando Arena?

I’ve heard that some short tracks, like Winston Salem’s Bowman Gray, run lighter, smaller, completely different race cars on 1/4 mile tracks of the same type. Putting a top-notch NASCAR race car on that type of truck is just a gimmick for horrific shows and motorsport.

I’m guessing the crash crowd in Daytona has diminished and sponsors and TV networks have demanded more, but this is a slap in the face of th.A loyal race fan who still exists.


Hi Fred!

I’m glad someone brought up the mechanical logistics of installing a temporary 1/4 mile asphalt truck within the LA Memorial Coliseum.

I’ve seen racing problems, including a few times this season alone. So this situation is actually a headache for engineering. At best.

at the worst case? Please don’t ask.

But I’m sure it was all taken into account, right?

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