New Jersey Gov. Murphy defeats Republican challenger in close vote | USA TODAY

Gov. Murphy is New Jersey’s first Democratic governor to be reelected to a second term in 44 years.
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The Associated Press late on Wednesday called the New Jersey governor’s race for the incumbent, Democrat Phil Murphy, after much of a day in which the race remained too close to call.

New Jersey does not have an automatic recount law, but the candidates are permitted to request one. The party that wants a recount has to file a suit in State Superior Court in the counties where they want to contest tallies. That has to be done within 17 days of Election Day.

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How Dire Our Circumstances Have Become With All the Real-World Challenges We So Profoundly Face

We are in dire straits with all the real-world challenges we so profoundly face and the self-defeating embrace of the latest trend of anti-intellectualism, along with the embrace of religion’s morally bankrupt support of the most morally bankrupt, criminally corrupt ‘president’. With most of our country overrun by a popular but devastating trend towards extreme narcissism on a dangerously stupid level in which the majority of our mentally vulnerable population can’t resist being drawn into and allowed to be manipulated by morally bankrupt, corrupt, conniving, con thugs in the gop which is doing its best to destroy any chance of ever improving the human condition. This ‘self-defeating mode of representation’ is on course to become the end of the American ‘experiment’ by allowing stupid to be an option. One thing is for certain… The quality of the human condition will continue to deteriorate exponentially.

After Means “After”

Jesus made it so clear. Immediately after the Tribulation period, He will come for us. After still means after.

God Is Our Lifeline, Our Anchor

Life is filled with many uncertainties. Will the ties binding my marriage and relationships be strong enough to withstand pressure from all sides?

Unbreakable Promises

God cannot lie. It’s not His style, not part of His story.

God Will Do It!

My heart bleeds for a good friend of mine who is going through such hardship. He and his wife received a calling to lead a hundred.