NY woman bombarded with hundreds of unordered packages – News Nation USA

A Buffalo woman was inundated with hundreds of packages containing thousands of face mask brackets that she didn’t order.

On June 5, Jillian Cannan began getting bombarded with mysterious Amazon and UPS deliveries, many of them on pallets that were dropped off by huge trucks, according to NBC News.

The Western New Yorker initially assumed that they were supplies her small business partner had ordered, until she opened some of the boxes and found thousands of silicone support frames to use inside face masks, the article said.

“When I first started receiving the packages, I called Amazon to try and give them back, but they explained to me that they were officially mine to keep since they had been delivered to my home,” Cannan told the network.

When the unwanted packages kept arriving day after day, Cannan snapped into detective mode.

“At first I was convinced that it was a scam, or maybe someone trying to clear out their warehouse,” Cannan reportedly said. “But because all of the items were the same, I don’t think that’s the case here.”

Finally Cannan was able to cajole Amazon into tracking down the original order and removing her address from it.

“Just hung up with Amazon again. They were able to stop the additional 1,000+ boxes that were set to ship out,” she posted on Facebook Wednesday.

“Still unsure of how many are already in transit. She’s calling me again tomorrow and I told her to watch last evenings tonight show.”

Cannan and her kids then reportedly came up with a creative plan to make sure the unwanted inventory didn’t go to waste.

“How can we get something positive out of this whole hilarious story?’” Cannan said, according to the report. “So, my business partner and I reached out to the children’s hospitals and we decided we want to do a decorate-your-own-face mask and include the bracket in the little kit with a blank face mask and some crayons and stickers that kids can work on while they’re in the hospital.”

Cannan said she asked Amazon to donate the other supplies needed for the project and was initially denied, but is still negotiating with company reps, the article said.

“I’m trying to put a positive spin on it,” she reportedly said. “I have four little kids, and I’m trying to show them how to make lemonade out of lemons, and just kind of run with it.”