Oksana Masters Helps Team USA Secure Their Third Medal of the 2022 Paralympic Games – NBC Chicago

Oksana Masters has added to Team USA’s medal count yet again after clinching the silver in women’s cross-country skiing. 

This is her second medal of the 2022 Winter Paralympic Games. She earned the gold in women’s sprint sitting biathlon earlier in the Games.

This is the third medal for Team USA, following Masters’ two medals and Kendall Gretsch’s bronze in women’s sprint sitting biathlon.

Masters placed second in women’s long distance sitting, right behind China’s Yang Hongqiong, who secured gold. China’s Li Panpan clinched bronze.

Following the close race, Masters commented on her fellow opponents and expressed admiration for Hongqiong and Panpan.

“All three Chinese girls (including gold medallist Hongqiong, bronze medallist Li and fifth-place Ma Jing) are very strong in their core and in their classification, so I knew that was going to be very challenging,” said Masters.

“I also knew that they did not race yesterday (in Para biathlon) and I did, so that made it a really challenging race,” added Masters. “It’s great. This will elevate the sport in China for the future.”