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LOUISVILLE, Colo., Nov. 9, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — OL USA (OL) selected RPA Labs to automate container tracking processes to enhance shipment status visibility. Tracking thousands of containers globally every month, OL proactively sought a solution to more rapidly identify and correct carrier mis-routings as container volume increased and the entire logistics industry came under strain.

OL USA‘s slogan “Local. Around the World” was born out of the team’s broad footprint and portside expertise that enables them to achieve better outcomes for clients of any size. Traditionally, when a bottleneck or error was identified the team manually searched for ways to reroute containers and make updates to last mile delivery solutions with no more than a day’s notice – a sometimes impossible or very costly endeavor to schedule on the desired timeline. OL sought RPA’s expertise to design and implement a solution which would automate monitoring and tasks as possible, and allow the team to concentrate on the most challenging situations.

OL USA implemented RPA Pursuit to provide real-time tracking updates and instant notifications whenever a status change is made to a container. ML (machine learning) and AI (artificial intelligence) methods extract, migrate, and consolidate shipment data on one simple platform, giving OL USA visibility over all container statuses. The entire process from tracking each container, updating the statuses, and finally sending notifications to the team is completed without human intervention.

“RPA Labs has meaningfully enhanced our container tracking to the benefit of our team and customers,” said Alan Baer, CEO of OL USA. “Our team is now able to monitor an integrated dashboard where all of the data is timely and accurate – freeing them up to deliver more of the personal touch and consultative optimization OL customers rely on for improved on-time results.”

By providing real-time tracking updates and instant notifications through RPA Pursuit, OL USA has been able to proactively manage containers when disruptions occur. The sooner they learn about carrier changes, the faster their internal teams are able to get containers to their correct locations. Managing disruptions no longer relies on crisis management protocols, and are now strategically coordinated so shipments arrive at the right place, at the right time, and without spending extra on expedited last mile deliveries.

OL USA can now reallocate internal resources to higher-level strategy, allowing them to scale the business efficiently. OL USA is pleased with the results, and excited to employ RPA Labs’ solutions to additional automation projects – a valuable step in continuing to improve customer satisfaction and on-time delivery.

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RPA Labs provides a full-service solution in robotic process automation for companies in supply chain and logistics that are buried in emails, documents, and inefficient processes.

Conversations, documents, and workflows can be automated seamlessly with solutions that bridge the connection between raw data and operating systems. By reducing the amount of time spent manually managing processes, RPA Lab’s solutions allow key staff members to reclaim countless hours each week to focus on developing new business strategies and personalizing customer experiences. For more information, visit www.rpalabs.com or email automate@rpalabs.com

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