Paddleboarders joined by whale and calf in Australia | USA TODAY

A southern right whale and its calf were spotted swimming under paddleboarders off the western coast of Australia.

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3 Advantages of a 18650 Battery

Today, a 18650 battery is used in a variety of electronic devices, such as DSL cameras. What make these units so popular are three main characteristics: long service life, high energy density, and low cost. In these three areas, these units offer the best performance.

How Does a LiFePO4 Battery Work?

Basically, the Lithium-ion battery is the type of battery that moves ions from the negative to the positive side while charging. The small red balls that appear in the battery are called lithium ions. They tend to move back and forth to keep the system running.

Advantages of Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery Packs

Unlike lead-acid or lithium batteries, LiFePO4 or LFP ones provide a lot of advantages, such as charging efficiency, lightweight, safe, low maintenance, and long life span, just to name a few. Also, these power packs are quite expensive because of their no maintenance and long life span. Therefore, they can be the best investment if you have the budget.

Lithium-Ion Batteries Vs. Regular Batteries

Lithium technology happens to be one of the fastest developing trends in the world of cordless tools and machinery. And it is so for economic and efficient reasons. These high-power cells come in the smallest sizes, are lightweight, and produce the best power to weight ratio.

Little Known Ways to Improve Your Looks

Everybody wants to be beautiful. Everybody wants to appear beautiful at all times. There are a lot of products and tools in the market for people who want to have more attention from other people. Some people prefer makeup, for instance, to give their face a new look. It can make you look very pretty, and everyone will love your new look. But be careful: some products may cause skin cancer, and it’s not the best idea to use these beauty products every day.