Rams should welcome fans on the bandwagon after winning Super Bowl – Turf Show Times

You’ve heard of Joe Burrow making the Super Bowl. But have you heard of Joe McAtee winning the Super Bowl?

The former managing editor of Turf Show Times and a current must-follow on Rams Twitter, you know him, you love him, and Joe makes his return to the TST podcast to discuss all-things Super Bowl.

It’s once again my pleasure to get to talk to Joe on the Rams, on football, and especially on life. We talk about the Rams winning the Super Bowl, how they got here, why it is perfectly okay and expected for people to jump “on the bandwagon” if that’s what people want to do (welcome them!), and what to do after you win the Super Bowl.

Listen here and/or find us on any podcast app that you use at Turf Show Times: for Los Angeles Rams fans. And do follow Joe on Twitter and tell him what you think of his appearance on today’s show, because I think he once again has crushed it.