Reggie Jackson Talks Difference Between Clippers and Lakers – Sports Illustrated

Los Angeles will always be a Laker town, there’s no denying that. Both the Clippers and Lakers represent different parts of LA, and Reggie Jackson believes the Clippers embody the working heart of the city.

“Clippers Nation, the heart, it’s truly LA,” Reggie Jackson said. “No shots at them over there, but they’re the lights. They’re the bright lights, they’re Hollywood. They’re the show, but I feel like we’re definitely the heart of the city. We’re here for the people.”

One point Reggie Jackson wanted to emphasize was that his comments weren’t a shot at the Lakers. He was speaking purely from the standpoint of the differences between the Lakers and Clippers. In Reggie’s eyes, the Clippers represent the other parts of LA that include the Inland Empire, Palmdale, etc.

“It’s always no shots, but I feel like me not being from Los Angeles,” Reggie Jackson said. “I feel like the Lakers are what you come to LA for. The appeal, the lights, it’s amazing. Once you come to LA…Palmdale, IE, throughout LA, I feel like this organization embodies LA.”

When Clippers head coach Ty Lue, a man who won championships with the Lakers, was asked about the question, he refused to get into it.

“I don’t know about that,” Ty Lue said. “I don’t get into that… They have 17 championships, that speaks for itself. I like what we’re doing here.”

The Clippers have a long way to go, but they’ve been building something special with a different group of fans in LA.

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