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LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) — The city of Los Angeles’ new vaccine mandate will begin Monday, requiring customers to be vaccinated in order to patronize indoor businesses. 

The ordinance, called SafePass L.A., is one of the strictest in the country requiring individuals to show proof of vaccination in order to enter indoor L.A. businesses such as restaurants, gyms, entertainment facilities, recreational facilities, personal care businesses and some city buildings.

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However, some businesses are worried about the reduction of business and the risk of more confrontations with agitated customers. 

“This is impossible that the owner of a restaurant is going to tell a customer that he’s not welcome to his restaurant because he decided not to be vaccinated, said Yoel Kraizberger, owner of Ta-eem Grill. 

While Kraizberger is fully vaccinated and so are his employees, he does not want to be deputized and made to enforce the city’s vaccine mandate. 

“I don’t think that we need to be the police and try now to fight with people when some of them don’t even want to put a mask on,” said Kraizberger. “It’s not my job.”

However, with the mandate in place, Kraizberger does not have much of a choice. According to the ordinance, if a business does not comply they will be fined up to $5,000. 

Some customers share the same feelings as Kraizberger supporting the vaccine but not the mandate. 

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“I don’t like it,” said Angel Collins. “I feel like people should get tests because even if you’re vaccinated people could still have COVID. So I don’t agree with it at all.”  

While Kraizberger and others are skeptical of the mandate, others such as Miho Fuji are full-fledged supporters of the mandate.

“I think we need it right now,” they said. “We’ve got to stop it. We don’t want to wear a mask anymore, so we have to do it at some point.”  

While he is unhappy with them, Kraizberger said he will comply with the new guidelines and asks for his customers to please be patient. 

“So please, customers, be patient,” he said. “Understand what is the rules because we can’t let you in if you’re not fully vaccinated, period.”  

Officials will not enforce the new mandate until Nov. 29 to allow businesses and customers to adjust.

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