Russia invades Ukraine: residents seek to flee or find shelter | USA TODAY

Inside Ukraine, residents seek safe shelter or resources to flee.
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Ukrainians seek safe shelter in subways, while others try to find a way to flee the nation as Russia’s invasion deepens.

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Time to Get Off the Sidelines

For a long time, the United States has been a nation of consumers that could sit back and simply consume. It’s time to get off the sidelines and focus on preserving Western Civilization with its roots in Judeo/Christian ethics lest the blessings we have become accustomed to are lost.

What Are the Benefits of Blogging for Business?

Blogging for business has been an effective part of content marketing for a long time now. If you don’t have a blog on your website yet, you’re missing out on a traffic generator that can bring attention to your website, enable you to make more money, and connect with your audience on a whole new level.

A Love Song

Have you ever had a conversation with your friend, lover, or soul-mate and you did not know what to say? Seems like the words you wanted to use were just frozen solid on your lips. At awe, knowing what you want to say, but unable.

Let’s Not Forget the New Fathers

When a baby is born all attention often focuses on the new child and mother, but men also undergo a radical shift in their circumstances after they’ve become a new father and one in ten are diagnosed with some form of post-natal depression. The birth is likely to have turned their lives upside down. Let’s not forget the new fathers.

Periodic Personal Maintenance For Better Health!: 5 Dates To Remember

If, you wish, to live, the healthiest life, possible, doesn’t it make sense, to plan, effectively, carefully, thoroughly, etc? Although, each of us, receives no guarantees, regarding, our health, and well – being, it is possible, to increase your personal – health – odds, by, perceiving and conceiving of, creating, scheduling, and sticking – to, a meaningful schedule, which works, for – you! There are many steps, and actions, we might, and should take, but, there are, perhaps, five of these, which are easiest, and quite meaningful, to remember, and utilize.