Scenic View Chairlift Rides Rise to Their Final Weekend – NBC Southern California

What to Know

  • Snow Valley Mountain Resort in Running Springs
  • Scenic View Chairlift Rides through Oct. 31, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
  • $25 adult, $19 seniors, $19 young adults ages 13 to 17, $15 children ages 5 to 12

Different things can take on different roles, depending on the time of year.

That blanket that you love for picnics in July? It’s the cozy-maker, on the couch, in January.

The bowl you use to cover fruit outside in the summer, in order to keep anything buzzing nearby from nibbling at the succulent goodies? In the wintertime, it becomes a vessel for warm soup.

Likewise, a chairlift can wear a couple of caps, too.

In warmer weather, it serves as a way for riders to take in wide views, the sort of expansive-of-vista sweeps that are best enjoyed from high up in the sky.

But when the snow falls? Hello, skiers: It’s all about transporting those who love to schuss back up a hill, so they may whoosh back down again.

Snow Valley Mountain Resort knows that its fans like both its summer side as well as its winter character, but there comes a time when one ends and the other begins.

And the Scenic View Chairlift View outings, which take non-skiers up, up, up the hill at Running Springs? Those will conclude on the final day of October 2021.

You can bet that the final weekend of October is an ideal time for an outdoor autumn adventure. The air is crisper around Running Springs, a charming hamlet that is not far from either Lake Arrowhead or Big Bear, and several of the regional trees are yellow and bright.

If you still have to get a fall foliage drive into your 2021 schedule, Oct. 30 or 31 are great days to do so, for the San Bernadino National Forest features several spectacular specimens, the sort of leafy wonders that truly show off when Halloween is near.

And, before you know it? That ol’ snow’ll be frosting up the landscape again.

An adult ticket is $25, seniors are $19, younger adults are also $19, and kids ages 5 to 12 can ride for $15.

It’s not cold-cold up in the mountains, but packing a sweater and cap is the way to go, or even a toastier jacket. Oh yes: Downhill biking and hiking are also coming to their shared seasonal conclusion, if those also tempt.

For all of Snow Valley’s warm-weather pleasures, ride on over to this site now.