Seven days of 1961: Integration of the University of Georgia | USA TODAY

When Charlayne Hunter-Gault enrolled at the all-white University of Georgia in 1961, a crowd formed outside her dorm, pelting her room with bricks and bottles.

The rock shot through the window in her dorm room, spraying shards of glass over her open, unpacked suitcase on the floor. Oh my God, all over my clothes, Charlayne Hunter-Gault thought – OK, this is ugly.

The white mob gathered outside Myers Hall at the University of Georgia wanted her gone. They numbered 2,000 strong, a mix of KKK members, fellow students, community members and bystanders. They threw rocks at the dormitory. They set off firecrackers that ignited small fires. They chanted, “Two! Four! Six! Eight! We ain’t going to integrate!”

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