‘SNL’: Will Forte’s opening monologue crashed by Kristen Wiig, Willem Dafoe – USA TODAY

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Will Forte waited over a decade for his moment in the “SNL” spotlight – only to have to share it.

The “MacGruber” star began his opening monologue by saying his debut as “SNL” host, accompanied by musical guest Måneskin, was a moment of vindication after watching his former co-stars (Kristen Wiig, Bill Hader, Andy Samberg, Jason Sudeikis) get to host the show.

“After 12 long years, tonight it’s finally my turn: my time to shine,” Forte said. “Tonight, it’s all about me.”

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However, Forte didn’t have long to bask in the glory of his hosting gig. Wiig suddenly appeared and found her way to the stage, welcomed by thunderous applause from the audience. While Wiig was happy to show moral support for her former castmate, Forte was clearly not amused and told Wiig her appearance was not well-timed. “Well, good to see you, buh-bye,” he told Wiig.

“You know I flew in for this,” Wiig said, to which Forte replied, “Oh great, so you know where the airport is.”

Following Wiig’s exit, Forte’s monologue took a sentimental turn, with the Emmy nominee taking a moment “to say how much this show has meant to me.” But Forte’s thunder was stolen once again when the band started playing some music.

“Are you playing me off in my own monologue?” Forte said in disbelief. “I’ve waited 12 … years for this. I mean, have you seen some of the idiots they’ve had host this show since then? Kristen, Bill, Andy…”

Forte decided to take a question from the audience before wrapping up, but he received an embarrassing revelation instead. “SNL” executive producer Lorne Michaels, accompanied by next week’s host Willem Dafoe, informed Forte there had “been a mistake.” Michaels said Dafoe was supposed to be the host this week, and an autocorrect texting error resulted in Forte being tapped instead.

 “You think I would book someone named Will, then someone named Willem?” Michaels told Forte.

Forte then turned to the results of a fan-voted poll to justify his hosting position, only to be overshadowed once more. Out of five candidates, including Dafoe, Wiig and Måneskin, Forte ranked at the bottom with a total of 5%, tying with the only other poll option available: “Abandon Show, Bring Back Tom Hanks.”

“Oh my god, 5%?” Forte said. “I guess people do love me.”

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