Southland Commuters Feeling Side Effects Of Rising Gas Prices – CBS Los Angeles

LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) – Drivers throughout Southern California are fuming about the high cost of fuel — the prices are also pushing some people to the brink of considering some major life changes.

“I don’t even think $100 is going to get me half a tank,” said Mark Cardenas.

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CBSLA spoke with disgruntled drivers at a Costco gas station in San Dimas where they’re waiting in long lines to get gas just a little cheaper.

“$85 just for this time and I’m going to use this for what, three to four days?” said Marie Santos who works in Santa Monica but lives in Covina.

She thought she would save money living on the east side of Los Angeles, but with the current gas prices, she says the 80-mile roundtrip commute isn’t worth it.

“It isn’t anymore, because of gas,” said Santos. “I’m worried but I don’t want to dwell on it. I just want to keep going.”

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Anthony White, a security guard, says the skyrocketing gas prices in California are one of the final financial straws forcing him to move out of the state.

“I can’t do it. I just can’t survive,” said White. “The money was good but just everything you’ve got to pay for is… just the rent alone is outrageous.”

And with the outrageous prices at the pump, he said he couldn’t make ends meet anymore.

“That’s why I’m leaving. I’m headed to Georgia and hopefully things will be a whole lot better for me there,” said White.

Most people who spoke with CBSLA shared that they believe that the more involved the United States becomes with the Russian invasion of Ukraine, specifically, Biden’s ban on Russian imports, the higher prices will be for American citizens.

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“We care about other people, but you’ve got to take care of home,” said White.