The Brief History Of Foam Parties In L.A County – KHTS Radio

Unlike the last traditional party you attended, foam parties have special thrills that come with them.

Assuming you have never experienced it, a typical foam-filled color-themed party often promises great fun. It doesn’t matter whether you are an adult or kid participant, every hyped-up person who attends a foam party will always have cherished memories to relive.

But sometimes, you might be left wondering, where do foam parties originate? In other words, you have quietly been curious about the history of foam parties in Los Angeles. That’s what this post is all about.

But first, let’s look at the basics.

What Is A Foam Party?

It is a social event in which participants of different age brackets dance to preferred music on a suitable space covered with foam bubbles dispensed from a dedicated machine.

The thinking behind it is that using foam bubbles that could be several feet high adds a special thrill to the party experience. Interestingly, that foam party thrill is better experienced than imagined.

Depending on the choice of the host, you may want to try daytime or nighttime foam parties.

And just like every other event, food and drinks are usually served at foam parties. Moreover, foam parties can be suitable for all types of events.

For example, when you are looking for creative birthday party ideas, think of how you can use colorful foam bubbles to make your day a memorable one.

Where Did Foam Parties Originate From?

Foam party dates back to a 1932 short film titled ‘Rhapsody of Black And Blue’. In that film, the main character, Louis Armstrong was singing and dancing with his trumpet in a large foam bubble. In the early days, club promoters in Ibiza, a small Spanish Island used ceiling-mounted machines to produce foam bubbles for the party.

However, venue owners often find it a daunting task to clean up the space after a foam party. And that spurred the innovation of the modern foam party machine by Foam Daddy. This innovation has caused an upsurge of foam party vendors like Roaring Foam who specializes in kids foam parties.

In recent times, many people now use inflatable pits to add more fun and safety to the party experience. Especially for kids’ foam parties, such inflatable materials provide confidence for the parents worried about safety. You’ll find many vendors in L.A that provides a foam party with foam pits to ensure the foam stays contained in one area and makes it suitable as a party in outdoor and indoor venues. Spreading out from Ibiza in Spain, foam parties are becoming popular across the US, UK, and other countries.

Are Foam Parties Safe For Kids?

Assuming you have never been to this type of party before, it is only rational to worry and ask if foam parties are safe?

If you are interested in hosting a foam party for children, you’ll have even more reasons to worry about safety. But here are a few things you want to know.

From excess foam exposure to slip and fail injuries and eye irritation, many prospective hosts or participants often have things to worry about rationally.

But here are some of the things that many people do to host a successful, injury-free foam party.

Use Experienced Foam Party Experts It’s easy to try and do everything on your own just to save a few dollars. Interestingly, that’s where the safety concerns should start. These people have done it a good number of times. Consequently, they can do it better, faster, and safer than you. Vendors like Roaring Foam have specialized in providing the best foam kids parties in Los Angeles County.

Tell Your Guests To Wear Shoes – Shoes are safer than flip flops, especially on wet ground. Whether you are hosting an indoor or outdoor foam party, tell your guests ahead of time to wear shoes. With shoes, the likelihood of falling over a slippery surface will be less. 

Set Some Engagement Rules – When the party fun gets so immersive, you cannot control the feelings and behavior of any one of your guests. To maintain a higher level of safety, do not allow sliding and skidding. More importantly, make it known that sexual contact is not allowed because this may lead to unexpected STDs. 

Use Signs – Identify the areas within the venue that will be slippery during the party and use signs to increase caution among your guests. Think about the floors and the stairs your guest will match as part of the whole party event. In addition to using the signs, make them part of the early engagement rules and announcements. 

Have A First Aid Kit Handy – That’s one of the things that professional foam party planners will do for you. With a handy kit, you are sure of taking care of any unexpected situation that is not too fatal during the party. Perhaps, hiring a professional will also give you the benefit of full public liability insurance.

How Much Does A Foam Party Cost? 

Hosting a foam party doesn’t have to cost a fortune for a few hours of foam-filled fun. If you decide to work with a professional, you may end up saving some money as opposed to doing it yourself. 

Most times, the cost will range between $300 – $1000 depending on the number of guests and other things.