TV tonight: Maxine Peake takes on office sexual politics in Rules of the Game – The Guardian

Rules of the Game

9pm, BBC One

“There is nothing happy or healthy about this place.” So says a fed-up employee in this four-part drama about sexual politics in the workplace. After no-nonsense COO Sam (Maxine Peake) witnesses a grisly death at her office, she is forced to look back at the company’s internal goings-on – starting with the day HR director Maya (Rakhee Thakrar) rattled a few cages when she started her role. Hollie Richardson

Digging for Britain

8pm, BBC Two

Prof Alice Roberts’ archaeology show has quietly become a beloved BBC staple. Fans get three episodes to conclude the series this week, which include a mysterious mound in Cambridge thought to be an iron age hillfort, a whole Roman town beneath Somerset (where not every mystery is so aged), and a 3,000-year-old bronze age coffin in a Roman fort on Hadrian’s Wall. What will Roberts and her team unearth? Jack Seale

Craig Charles: UFO Conspiracies

9pm, Sky History

Craig Charles unpicking UFO conspiracy theories: what’s not to love about this documentary? From a “specially created UFO investigation hub”, Charles is joined by astrophysicist and space journalist Sarah Cruddas – together they dig deep into recent UFO sightings with the help of witnesses and experts (our host is deadly serious). Top entertainment. HR

Charlotte Church’s Dream Build

9pm, Really

What happened when Charlotte Church spent her life savings (£1.5m to be exact) on a Welsh mansion that once belonged to Laura Ashley? We’re about to find out, as Church moves her family into Rhydoldog House while tasked with renovating it within a year. Addictive, in a sort of “nosy neighbour” way. HR

Toast of Tinseltown

10pm, BBC Two

Just the ticket ... Matt Berry in Toast of Tinseltown.
Just the ticket … Matt Berry in Toast of Tinseltown. Photograph: Ben Meadows/BBC/Objective Fiction

Matt Berry’s preposterous ham returns – and Toast thinks a relocation to Los Angeles (where his reputation doesn’t precede him) is just the ticket. Can he convince Dwight Difference he is the right British actor for his new movie before he is attacked by a man in an Ashes to Ashes costume at a Bowie-themed party? Ali Catterall

The Language of Love

10pm, Channel 4

Davina McCall’s dating series which aims to defy language barriers continues. Tonight, a misunderstanding brings one of the British women to tears, national seduction techniques are exchanged and a revelation causes controversy. HR