Ukraine President Zelenskyy posted with leaders of his country proclaiming their continued defense.

Veerana: The Most Famous Bollywood Horror Movie

Veerana is probably the most famous Hindi horror movie. In this article, we look at why the horror movie still has such huge fan following.

Neutrality Of The Text

I have developed a new idea of Binary Fusion from the Binary Divide inherent in deconstruction. Binary Fusion aims to develop textual neutrality. Binary Fusion occurs in political, psychological, cultural, and philosophical realms.

9 Ways to Brand Your Small Business

Doing research about your audience, their problems, wants, desires and values will help you develop branding that truly translates into giving your audience the feelings you want them to have. It really does matter more what they think than what you think. It’s all about them, after all – not you.

Immigration Reform Is Long Overdue

Immigration reform has been an issue for many years. This is text of a talk given at a press conference on immigration held in 2007 in Washington, D.C.

Head Injury Effects and Brain Health Tips After Concussions or MTBI and Traumatic Brain Injuries

Whether affected from a concussion, TBI, or are a caretaker, friend or family member of a traumatic brain injury survivor, even a concussion sufferer, a deeper understanding can be gained here of the effects expected and steps to increase brain health after a head injury. There is a wide range of effects or symptoms that may be expected although the emphasis is on how individualized the effects can be. Albeit this, there are common symptoms as discussed.