Ukrainian refugees search for safety amid Russian invasion | USA TODAY

Hundreds of thousands of refugees are fleeing Ukraine in search of safety, with many going to Poland, Germany, and Hungary.

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An estimated 660,000 Ukrainian refugees have crossed the borders looking for safety after the Russian invasion last week. As the world watched the conflict unfold, many took to social media to offer solidarity with the Ukrainian people – and some, to offer their homes.

Online spaces like Host a Sister, which started in 2019 as a safe space for female travelers to connect and find (or offer free) places to stay, quickly pivoted to a community of women helping refugees. Though group membership is limited to women and people who are nonbinary, some members also host families. Host a Sister’s founder is encouraging others to reach out.

“It has been overwhelming and sad to read some of the posts, to feel helpless being far away, but seeing how some women and children are already receiving help and shelter makes me happy that there is a platform such as Host A Sister for people faraway to help however they can,” she told USA TODAY.

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