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The National Weather Service warned on Friday that the country was facing “three weather regions of concern”, noting that the Gulf, Midwest and West were experiencing three different but strong weather conditions. ..

The Meteorological Agency said the Gulf of Mexico and parts of the southeast were facing “increasing threats of tropical heavy rains and dangerous flash floods” due to storms in the Gulf of Mexico. The states affected by the heavy rains include southeastern Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia. On Saturday, some “isolated tornadoes” may appear in southern Alabama and Florida Panhandle.

According to the service, “heavy thunderstorms and flash floods” are expected in the Ohio Valley and the Midwest. “A slow-moving cold front over the Great Lakes and covered by the Central Plains will be the focus of thunderstorm activity,” the agency said. “Warm temperatures and abundant atmospheric humidity in the region lead to the potential for heavy thunderstorms and heavy rainfall.”

Meanwhile, the Meteorological Department said in the west, which is experiencing record triple-digit temperatures, “repressive, dangerous, and long-term heat waves will continue.” The statement said, “Excessive heat warnings and heat recommendations are still valid in California, Nevada, Arizona, most of Utah, and sections of western Colorado and northern New Mexico. The Red Flag to emphasize the danger of fire. Warnings have also been issued, related to ongoing heat and very dry soil. “

United States facing the threat of triple weather

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