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Schumer says he believes Senate has votes to move forward on bipartisan infrastructure plan

US Senate Democratic leader Schumer says he intends to call a vote on Wednesday night to proceed to bipartisan infrastructure plan

Infrastructure ‘bank’ scrapped from bipartisan infrastructure bill over wage issue

A proposal for an infrastructure financing authority was scrapped from a bipartisan infrastructure bill after Republicans objected to a provision intended to lift wages, a Democratic source said on Wednesday.The proposal that was scrapped would have included $20 billion for a new bank to attract investment through private-public partnerships.

New CDC guidelines set off rush to reimpose mask mandates

States and businesses scrambled Wednesday to change course after the federal government issued new guidance calling for the return of mask wearing in virus hot spots amid a dramatic spike in COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations nationwide.Nevada and Kansas City were among the locations that moved swiftly to re-impose indoor mask mandates following Tuesday’s announcement from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.The guidelines also call on all schools to require masks for students, teachers and visitors, and districts around the country tried to navigate the latest advice.

US attorney general Garland says justice department will ‘zealously guard’ the right to vote

I was honored to meet with Tsihanouskaya at the White House this morning. The United States stands with the people of Belarus in their quest for democracy and universal human rights

US president Joe Biden

Biden says he met with Belarus opposition leader Tsikhanouskaya on Wednesday

Vote to proceed on Bill will be Wednesday night: Sinema

US senator Sinema, lead Democratic negotiator on infrastructure bill, says, ‘We’ve got a deal’

White House told all federal agencies they must require masks inside federal buildings in areas of substantial or high community Covid-19 transmission: Reuters

Republican offer on transit was basically accepted by Democrats on Tuesday: Portman

Expect legislative language on infrastructure plan to be completed by procedural vote on Wednesday evening: Portman

Republican US senator Cassidy says bipartisan infrastructure bill includes $47 billion for environmental resiliency and $110 billion for roads

Republican US senator Collins says details of bipartisan infrastructure bill still being finalised

Republican US senator Portman says there is now a bipartisan agreement on the major issues on infrastructure plan

‘Pandemic of the unvaccinated’: An American conundrum

US imposes fresh Syria-related sanctions: Treasury

The US Treasury Department on Wednesday imposed fresh Syria-related sanctions on several individuals and entities, according to the Treasury’s website, increasing pressure on President Bashar al-Assad’s government.The United States blacklisted eight individuals and 10 entities in separate counterterrorism and Syria-related actions taken on Wednesday, including branches of the Syrian general and military intelligence, according to the website.

US department of homeland security says beginning today, all of its employees, regardless of vaccination status, will need to wear a mask indoors and physical distance

McConnell plans to run 60-second radio ads on more than 100 Kentucky radio stations in the coming days promoting the vaccine with money from his re-election campaign

McConnell aims to boost US Republican vaccination rate by countering ‘bad advice’

US Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell blamed misinformation for the low rates of Covid-19 vaccination among Americans, which are fueling a rise in coronavirus cases, particularly in Republican-dominated states.”There is bad advice out there, you know. Apparently you see that all over the place: people practicing medicine without a license, giving bad advice. And that bad advice should be ignored,” the 79-year-old Kentucky lawmaker told Reuters.A rise in cases driven by the highly contagious Delta variant led US health officials on Tuesday to urge fully vaccinated Americans to resume wearing masks in indoor public spaces in much of the country, including much of the southeastern United States from Texas to Florida.”Not enough people are vaccinated,” said McConnell, a polio survivor. “So we’re trying to get them to reconsider and get back on the path to get us to some level of herd immunity.”