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Kishida said he invited Biden to Japan in the first half of 2022 for an in-person meeting of the Quad, the Pacific alliance that also includes Australia and India.

Kishida, who is from Hiroshima, on which the US dropped an atomic bomb at the end of the World War II, also said he raised to Biden concerns about nuclear security and the idea of achieving “a world without nuclear weapons”.

Kishida said after the meeting that he expressed his determination to drastically strengthen Japan’s defense power while Biden spoke of the US commitment to abiding by the 1960 Japan-US security treaty and made it clear it covers the Japanese-controlled disputed islands of Senkaku, which China refers to as Diaoyu.

President Biden and I were able to exchange views frankly, in a very calm and quiet manner, about how Japan and the United States together cooperate and lead the international society, which I believe will lead to further strengthening of the Japan-US alliance.

Kishida after the meeting.

Biden and Kishida also discussed the situations in Hong Kong and China’s Xinjiang province.

Biden has repeatedly called out Beijing over its crackdown on democracy activists in Hong Kong and forced labor practices targeting China’s Uyghur Muslims and other ethnic minorities in Xinjiang.

Kishida said that the two leaders spent a “significant amount” of their 80-minute call on issues surrounding China, including shared concerns about China’s increasing aggression toward Taiwan.

China claims self-governing Taiwan as its own territory, to be annexed by force if necessary. In recent months, China has stepped up military exercises near the island, frequently sending warplanes near Taiwan’s airspace.

President Joe Biden and Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida on Friday used their first formal meeting to discuss concerns about China’s growing military assertiveness that’s spurring increasing disquiet in the Pacific.

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President Joe Biden and Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida have used their first formal meeting to discuss concerns about China’s growing military assertiveness

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