USA news live updates: Pentagon chief defends execution of final airlift from Kabul – Times of India

Top US general says Donald Trump never intended to attack China

Top US General Mark Milley testified on Tuesday that calls he made to his Chinese counterparts in the turbulent waning months of Donald Trump’s administration were intended to “deescalate” tensions and the former president had no intention of attacking China. “I know, I am certain, President Trump did not intend to attack the Chinese,” the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff told the Senate armed services committee. Read full story

Read: Pentagon chief defends execution of final airlift from Kabul

In his first congressional testimony on the tumultuous US withdrawal from Afghanistan, defence secretary Lloyd Austin on Tuesday defended the military’s execution of a frantic airlift from Kabul and asserted it will be “difficult but absolutely possible” to contain future threats from Afghanistan without troops on the ground.

US treasury likely to exhaust measures to keep funding government by October 18, will run out of cash unless Congress raises borrowing cap, says US treasury secretary Janet Yellen, reports AFP

Pentagon chief defends execution of final airlift from Kabul, reports AP

US includes Croatia as new participant in visa waiver program: Homeland security secretary

The United States has included Croatia in its visa waiver program, allowing its citizens to come to America without a visa for a stay of up to 90 days, homeland security secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said on Tuesday. Read full story

India nonstops on the way, American Airlines codeshares with IndiGo for India connections

American Airlines, which Will start nonstop flights between Delhi and New York from October 31, and between Bengaluru and Seattle from January 4, 2022, has entered into a codeshare agreement with IndiGo. American will put its code on 29 of IndiGo’s domestic routes in India, providing an option for its customers arriving on the carrier’s new Bengaluru and Delhi flights. Read full story

Ford says US salaried employees required to disclose Covid-19 vaccination status, reports Reuters

Read: Joe Biden’s fellow Democrats scramble to prevent shutdown, default

President Joe Biden’s fellow Democrats will seek to head off both a government shutdown and a potentially economically crippling US credit default on Tuesday while also trying to agree on a mammoth tax and spending package for his ambitious social policy agenda. Senate Democrats had hoped to avoid a partial government shutdown and to suspend the federal debt ceiling with a single vote. But they were blocked on Monday by Republicans, who have offered broad opposition to Democratic legislative priorities and said the two matters should be dealt with separately.

Class action suit filed by L-2 Indian spouses challenging requirement for work authorisation

A group of 16 plaintiffs, majority of them Indian nationals, who are holding an L-1 or H-4 dependent visa have filed a class action lawsuit against the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). They contend that as the immigration agency has violated the law, they find themselves in the precious situation of being unemployed. Read full story

Joe Biden’s fellow Democrats scramble to prevent shutdown, default, reports Reuters

Lupin launches generic drug in US, reports PTI

No indictments for 4 Texas officers who shot man in crisis, reports AP

Weakness in Big Tech leads stocks lower in early US trading, reports AP

Atlanta spa-shooting suspect pleads not guilty in 4 killings, reports AP