USA: Record number of Latins in public office – News – The Catholic Transcript

The number of Latinos in public office in the United States will increase by a record 2021, the National Association of Latin American Officers of Elected and Appointed Officers (NALEO) Education Fund said Wednesday.

According to the association’s national directory, the number of Latin elected officials has increased by 3% from 2020 to 7,087 from 6,883.

“While it is encouraging to see the growing number of Latin elected officials, it is important to remember that the task of ensuring equal representation is still a long way off,” warns NALEO Managing Director Arturo Vargas in a statement.

“We need to do more to ensure that Latin communities across the country can choose leaders who are accountable and responsive to their concerns and needs,” says Vargas. The presence of Latinos in government.

Last year, the largest increase in Latin electorate was recorded in California (+ 10.4%, 1,660 to 1,833) and New York State (+ 10.7%, 168 to 186), where he described their geographical distribution, in some cases, their political affiliations. .

Most Latin employees hold positions at the municipal level (2,349) or on school boards (2,668).

In one decade, between 2001 and 2021, the number of Latin elected officials increased by 74.6% in the country (from 4,060 to 7,087), the report said.

Latin representation has doubled at all levels (state, court and police officers in district positions).

In 2001, there were no Latinos in the US Senate. In 2021, there were six. Twenty years ago, there were 39 states with Latin representation in any office, compared to 45 states 20 years later.

In two decades, the number of women in public office has increased compared to men (27% in 2001 and 40% in 2021).

In states traditionally considered Hispanic population centers the number of Latino in public office has decreased proportionately and has increased in others with a “growing” Latin population.