White House COVID-19 Response Team hold a press briefing (LIVE) | USA TODAY

White House COVID-19 Response Team and federal public health officials hold a press briefing to provide updates on the COVID-19 response effort

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If You Like To SMILE, You’ll Enjoy A Better, Happier Life!

Many times, something, as basic, and, apparently, simple, as liking to SMILE, puts you, in position to, enjoying a happier, healthier life, and existence! Especially, these days, after the many stresses, and anxieties/ fears, etc, created, as a result of the horrific, lengthy, pandemic, many people, proceed, expecting, the other shoe, to drop, instead of proceeding, with a true, realistic, positive, can – do, attitude, etc! Although, most people, state, they would like to be, as happy, as possible, it seems, few, are ready, willing, and/ or, able, to, proactively, do something, to assist them, in their quest!

Could A Mother-Enmeshed Man Live His Own Life If His Mother Wanted Him To?

From the outside, it can seem as though a mother enmeshed man just needs to stop focusing on his mother’s life and to focus on his own. By doing this, he will be able to slowly transform his life and live a life that is worth living.

5 Key Challenges To Leading By Example!

If, you hope/ want to be a real leader, you must be ready, willing, and able, to effectively, consistently, lead – by – example! Unless/ until, one is, why would others, be willing to follow, because, that individual, won’t earn the degree of trust, needed and necessary, to make a quality, difference, for the better? However, this is often, easier – said, than – done, because, finding the appropriate individuals, may be, challenging, to achieve!

5 Hate – Related American Challenges!

President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, in describing the many challenges, this nation, faced, in the years, coming – up, – to, and including World War II, declared, in his first Inaugural Address, in 1933, The only thing we have to fear is fear – itself. It seems, today, the main thing, this country should be fearing, is the escalation in the number of hate – crimes, against various ethnic, racial, and religious groups! Although, under – the – surface, there has always been, some prejudice/ bias, and, even, hatred, most of us, predominantly, remember, a few, localized groups, such as Ku Klux…

Does A Mother-Enmeshed Man Hate His Mother?

It can be hard for someone to understand why a man would be happy to focus on his mother’s needs and ignore his own. This could be something that his partner could find confusing, that’s if he has one.